Department of Mechanical Engineering (Polytechnic)

Department Profile

Mechanical Engineering is the broadest of all engineering disciplines, encompassing areas such as energy, fluid mechanics, dynamics, combustion, vibration, design, manufacturing processes, systems modeling and simulation, mechatronics, robotics, mechanics of material, rapid prototyping and composites. Mechanical engineers are employed in virtually every kind of industry. They are involved with seeking new knowledge through research, creative design and development and with the construction, control, management, and sales of the devices and systems needed by society. A major strength of an education in mechanical is the flexibility it provides in future employment opportunities for its graduates.


To contribute to India through excellence in technical education; to serve as a valuable resource for industry and society.


Educate students professionally to face social challenges by providing a healthy learning environment grounded well in the principles of engineering, promoting creativity, and nurturing teamwork.

HOD’s Desk

In today’s fast-changing world with ever-growing challenges of limited resources and rapid climate changes, a new generation of Mechanical Engineers nurtured with necessary skills and innovative spirit is needed. Our attempt is to provide our students with a cheerful, productive and satisfying experience at all levels of their programme of studies so that they can explore the amazing world of Mechanical Engineering.

Our dedicated faculty tries to disseminate amongst the students the latest developments in Applied Mechanics & Design, Dynamics & Control, Thermo-fluids & Processes, Energy, Materials & Manufacturing, and Automation & Robotics.

Welcome to this world of machines.

Prof. Bobade Aniket Chandrashekhar

H.O.D. Mechanical Department

B.E. (Production) M.E. (Manufacturing & Automation)

Faculty Profile

Sr. NoName of FacultyDesignationQualificationTeaching Experience
1Prof. Bobade A.C.I/C HODM.E. (Manufacturing & Automation),           B.E. (Production S/W)4
2Prof. Hajare B.S.F.Y. CoordinatorB.E. (Mechanical)6
3Prof. Shaikh M.L.LecturerB.E. (Mechanical)4
4Prof. Kulkarni K.S.LecturerB.E. (Mechanical)4
5Prof. Kale P.S.LecturerB.E. (Mechanical)2
6Prof. Gore S.G.LecturerB.E. (Mechanical)2


Sr.NoLab NameLab Cost
9CAD-CAM LAB560000

Result Analysis

Average Result for A.Y. 2015-16 84.65 %                           %  

A.Y. 2015-16   

RankName of the  StudentPercentage
1Kokane Akshay Gangadhar84.38 %
2Deshpande Manish Sunil84.06 %
3Limguiwar Suraj Sunil84 %
Average Result for A.Y. 2016-17 93 %    

A.Y. 2016-17

RankName of the  StudentPercentage
1Sabale Akshay Pandurang77 %
2Deshpande Manish Sunil75.65 %
3Limguiwar Suraj Sunil75 %
Average Result for A.Y. 2017-18 86.00 %    

A.Y. 2017-18

RankName of the  StudentPercentage
1Korde Rushikesh Bharat83.60%
2Janjal Suraj Sanjay77.20 %
3Zarekar Rushikesh Sanjay76.2 %
  • A.Y. 2017-18
RankName of the  StudentAverage Result for A.Y. 2017-18 85.00 %     Percentage
1Karande Dipak Sunil81.5 %
2Shaikh Shahid Sajid77.18 %
3Beg Alina Fakruddin 76.53 %
  • Events

Industrial Visit

  1. Industrial Visit at R.S. Engineering

Subject- Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Address- M.I.D.C. Ahmednagar

Date of Visit- 23/07/2019

Class- S.Y. Mechanical and T.Y. Mechanical

  • Industrial Visit at Enron Wind Mill Power Project

Subject- Power Plant Engineering

Address- Karanaji, Tal- Pathardi, A.Nagar

Date of Visit- 30/09/2019

Class- S.Y. Mechanical and T.Y. Mechanical

  • Industrial Visit at Kohinoor Cloth Stores Centralized A.C. System

Subject- Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Address- Kapad Bazar, A.Nagar

Date of Visit- 17/01/2020

Class-T.Y. Mechanical

  • Industrial Visit at Datsun Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Bhandardara

Subject- Fluid Mechanics & Machinery

Address- Kapad Bazar, A.Nagar

Date of Visit- 27/01/2020

Class-T.Y. Mechanical and S.Y. Mechanical

  • Industrial Visit at MSRTC Workshop, Ahmednagar

Subject- Automobile Engineering

Address- MSRTC Workshop, Sarjepura, A.Nagar

Date of Visit- 25/02/2020

Class-T.Y. Mechanical and S.Y. Mechanical

Expert Lecture

  1. Expert Lecture on Interview Skills and Attitude Management 

Name of Expert- Prof. Rahul Salvi

Asst. Professor, VACOEA, Ahmednagar

20 years Industrial Experiment and 8 years Academic Experience

Date of Lecture – 21/01/2020

Class-T.Y. Mechanical and S.Y. Mechanical

  • Expert Lecture on Personality Development and Self-Motivation

Name of Expert- Prof. Aher S.M.

Asst. Professor, VACOEA, Ahmednagar

08 years Academic Experience and T & P Head

Date of Lecture – 23/01/2020

Class-T.Y. Mechanical and S.Y. Mechanical

Technical Events

  1. Technical Quiz Competition on the occasion of Engineers Day 2019

Date- 15/09/2019

Social Activity

  1.  Cleaning of Chandbiwi Mahal (Salbat Khan’s Tomb)
  • Tree Plantation in VACOE Campus