The college features a well-equipped classrooms , tutorial rooms, laboratories, and seminar halls.

All Laboratories are outfitted with all required instruments and equipment in accordance with AICTE standards. In laboratories, a variety of charts are on display to help in understanding practical ideas.
LCD projectors, Internet access, ventilation, and brightness are available in classrooms . Additionally, aptitude tests, interviews, and group discussions are conducted in classes. The college has a sick room and a girls' common room. The college features a 50 Mbps internet connection on a campus with a number of machines that are powered by UPS and housed in a single server room. The computer centre is used to administer a variety of competitive exams .
All campus activities are easily visible for the protection of both students and staff with the aid of CCTV . Both students and staff have access to water coolers with RO systems that produce Litres of water per hour. An outside organisation tests all of the drinking water's chemical and physical characteristics once a year. Two generator sets with capacities of 35 KVA and 62 KVA are used to supply the electricity backup facility . For safety against the possibility of a fire, fire extinguishers have been put on every floor of the college. The college has undergone a fire audit, and the essential equipment has been installed. A transportation service is available to pick up and drop off students from all parts of the city.

Computer Lab

Central Computer Lab

The institute is equipped with well-structured Central Computer Lab with 100 high quality Dual Core 2.70 GHz machines from HCL. Each computer is connected with high speed dedicated 2 Mbps 1:1 bandwidth. All computers are connected with 24 Hrs uninterrupted power supply.

Sports Facilities

Not just quality education VACOEA is also dedicated to ensuring fitness and holistic development of the students.
We encourage our students to take part in college sports activities that would help them be mentally and physically fit and also keep them healthy. This also helps us in boosting the concentration and competitive spirits within our students that we channelize into quality learning. Gymkhana: The institution has a well-equipped gymkhana where various sporting and cultural events are effectively and efficiently planned with the aid of the student sports and cultural committees. Playground: The institution has a playground where students can engage in outdoor activities like kho-kho, volleyball, badminton, football, and cricket and indoor games carom and chess. Students use a well-stocked gym that has equipment for building strength and a treadmill.

Students to take parts in both indoor and outdoor college sports activities as per their area of interest and physical capacity.

Wi-Fi Campus

wi-fi campus

We are devoted to quality education and support the overall growth of the students and contribute to their better training, learning and placement. We recognize the need for technology and the internet and hence assure modern infrastructure equipped with cutting-edge technology.
VACOEA houses state-of-the-art computer labs with Wi-Fi facilities supporting high-speed internet connections with powerful servers. The Wi-Fi facilities with 24X7 power backup motivate the students to maximize their learning and skills by the constant use of the internet for –
Research Making Notes Presentation Assignment Subission Conferences Guest Lecture

Students can access the Wi-Fi at every corner of our college, even the library, which facilitates their learning.

Seminar Hall

This department provides the facilities to enable the deserving students of the Institution to get competitive placements, reputed companies are visiting our Institute. As many as 40 companies have visited our Institute & invited our college for pooled campus recruitments. Almost 90% of students are placed in reputed companies last year. Placement Department is arranging Training right from First year in Aptitude, Soft Skills & Technical Skills, to enable the students to become trainable & employable for campus recruitment program. Many of our students are recruited by MNC and are doing extremely good.

  • Quality audio-visual systems
  • Microphones
  • Slide projectors

Used for

Presentations Meetings Workshops Convocations Conferences Guest Lecture

We also access our seminar halls at the time of the induction or orientation programme for newly admitted students and when representatives of several conglomerates visit our college to enlighten the students on the requirements of the industry that guides their learning path. Quality education and training along with student-centric facilities are all that we aim to offer. Hence, we strive to make the experience of our students worthy and contribute to their overall progress helping them secure their career.


Food being one of the necessities for living, we concentrate on the quality of the meals we provide. Our college has two food stations (cafeteria and canteen) serving quality meals to the ones hungry.

We maintain proper cleanliness, hygiene and quality of the meals and snacks we serve. The cleanliness of the kitchen and the hygiene of the cook and other staff of the kitchen are also looked after.

Our college canteen can be accessed by all our students to address the most necessary meals of the day along with in-between class snacks.