About us

Vishwabharati ACADEMY

A Trust with vision to bring Technology Education to rural India

In this endeavor with thirty years of industrial experience the trust has established Engineering college at Ahemadnagar. The college is focused on empowering the rural community with affordable technical education. Though their academic institution has been running for the last 13 years and giving service to the nation, a new approach has been adopted from the academic year 2020. Professionals from industry, abroad and premier institute of India have been given a new mandate to rejuvenate and revamp the existing infrastructure.

Our Trustee

Mrs Shailaja K. Patankar


Dr. U.O. Paprunia

Exe. President

Mr. K.B. Patankar

Founder Secretery

We provide high-quality technical education to students of Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Engineering through systematic and professional approach towards educational and intellectual improvement by effectively implementing quality management system.

Principal's Desk

It is an honour and privilege to be a part of Vishwabharati Academy’s College of Engineering & Polytechnic, Ahmednagar, an institution that stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards.

Since the inception, the institution has incessantly laboured to become a renowned Centre for education. Our goals as simple as they are reaching- to offer the best, to reach as many and as high as we can in the fulfillment of our mission; we nurture our students by providing professional, competitive, industry relevant education and add value. We ensure that our students are adequately equipped to meet the future challenges while catering to the specific requirements.

At the same time, we are committed to developing & enhancing “life skills” -the ability to communicate, to lead, to be a team player, to empathize. And most of all, we are committed to producing citizens with a secular world view, citizens who respect and indeed celebrate differences, and see differences as an unique opportunity to mould a strong nation. We invite you to be partners in this process. We are on the road to progress; so many things are still to be done. We are confident, but not complacent. We believe in growth and progress, but not in a random or lopsided manner; we respect basic human values and we are conscious of our duties and responsibilities.

We once again welcome all young and aspiring learners to be a part of the reputation of this college. Let us strive together because Together We Can.

Our campus

VACOE is placed on a hilltop overlooking the picturesque view of the valley all around and about 6 k away from the city center having 2l.5 acres of landscaped area

The college features


Well equipped classrooms


Tutorial rooms




Seminar hall

All laboratories are outfitted with all required instruments and equipment in accordance with AICTE standards. LCD projectors, Internet access, ventilation, and brightness are available in classrooms. In laboratories, a variety of charts are on display to help in understanding practical ideas. Additionally, aptitude tests, interviews, and group discussions are conducted in classes. The college has a sick room and a girls' common room. The college features a 50 Mbps internet connection on a campus with a number of machines that are powered by UPS and housed in a single server room. The computer centre is used to administer a variety of competitive exams .All campus activities are easily visible for the protection of both students and staff with the aid of CCTV

Both students and staff have access to water coolers with RO systems. An outside organisation tests all of the drinking water's chemical and physical characteristics once a year. Two generator sets with capacities of 35 KVA and 62 KVA are used to supply the electricity backup facility. For safety against the possibility of a fire, fire extinguishers have been put on every floor of the college. The college has undergone a fire audit, and the essential equipment has been installed. A transportation service is available to pick up and drop off students from all parts of the city.

The workshop has every tool needed for construction and manufacturing activities, including a lathe and other instruments for carpentry. The students use the workshop to work on their projects. A well-established library with a wide selection of textbooks, reference books, electronic journals, and magazines that can accommodate 180+ people in the reading area. Google Classroom is being used by the college to improve academic planning and oversight

Students with physical disabilities are given access to bathrooms, ramps, and wheel chairs at the college (Divyangjan).

The institution has a well-equipped gymkhana where various sporting and cultural events are effectively and efficiently planned with the aid of the student sports and cultural committees. The institution has a playground where students can engage in outdoor activities like kho-kho, volleyball, badminton, football, and cricket and indoor games carom and chess. Students use a well-stocked gym that has equipment for building strength and a treadmill.

Students participate in a range of cultural events like Independence Day, Republic Day, Sanvidhan Din, Marathi Rajbhasha Din, National Science Day, Women’s Day, Shivjayanti celebrations. Students who participate in a variety of sporting and cultural events are recognised by the institution by providing them with travel fees, sporting goods, and congratulations at institute-level competitions.