Training & Placement

VACOE’s Training & Placement Cell always focuses on how student will become an Engineer with great efficiency of an Engineer. The cell has a legacy of providing quality placements to the students. VACOE’s alumni are serving in almost all the sectors across the world. Hence recruiters and Company’s representative visit VACOE to recruit our students (engineers) to work with them. The Training & Placement Cell provides an excellent Corporate Interface by arranging interactive sessions with the veterans of the industry. Soft Skills & Communication skills training are imparted to the students to make them corporate worthy. The Training & Placement Cell continuously show their effort to provide excellent job opportunities to all the students. The Training & Placement Cell also inspires the students to become entrepreneurs. The Department works on Aptitude, personality development and industry-institute interactions. The Placement cell frequently arranges guest lectures on several topics, and give students a platform to wider their knowledge-span. Cell also work on students in order to make them innovative.

Training and placement Cell activities / Focuses on

Skills Development & Training
Industry Institute interaction
Industry expert lectures
Industrial training support
Branding of Institute
Recruitment process
Corporate environment awareness
internship training programs
Campus Recruitment
Company Placement
Early Opportunities
Alumni Connect activity.

From the day first of first year students in college, Training & Placement officer starts their training in several ways, from day first students are trained how to dress up , how to talk , how to get command on communication skills, and all the basic of being an Engineer.